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Feels strange to be back in Phnom Penh, the kids loved the trip and so did we. It was fantastic to have both Lorraine and Colin onboard and it helped us a lot, you both are so easy and relaxed and fun to be around. Accommodation was great, food was great.

It was good to book out the whole of the 'resort' and we will do this again next year. Rash vests were terrific and helped us spot the 'surfers' for head counts in the water. It really was a great trip and appreciate all that Lorraine and Colin did for us.

Karen Skelly, School Cousellor, International School Phnom Pehn

Colin really knows how to get kids enthused and keep them interested in surfing. Safety is never a question on his camps as he has so many instructors dedicated to the students' improvement. His own passion for surfing and the healthy lifestyle that it demands and creates is easily communicated to the kids.

He is excellent with young people and really knows how to make the trip worthwhile for all involved - even the teachers. Being a teacher himself, he knows the demands of a school trip are huge and thus he does all the work so that you can enjoy yourself: learn to surf or read a book. The choice is yours! The kids are so exhausted in the evenings that they beg to go to bed! Now that's a first on any school trip I've been on! He even has a professional photographer so teachers don't even have to worry about that!

The Green Camp addition to the trip was simply superb. We all learnt so much in such an extraordinary environment - and the highlight for me was certainly seeing the kids take part in the interactive Balinese performance art which involved a lot of paint, mud, fire and a full moon! You'll certainly want to have your camera ready to see the kids dressed in traditional costume, throwing paint at a canvas and practising martial arts in the mud!

Jane Fisher, Teacher, British School Manila

Mr Kuit, we would like to pass on our sincere thanks to you for organising the Surf Camp over the recent mid-term break.

Our boys, Hugh and Guy Aikman, returned home on Friday, tired, but elated after a terrific week learning to surf.

We can only imagine the amount of time and work that you have devoted to organising and running this camp and we just want you to know how much we appreciate it as by all accounts it was a very successful time.

The boys reported that they enjoyed the whole camp and in particular, the local surf coaches, the accommodation and meals.

Wendy & Noel Aikman, Parents

Thanks again for everything. It was by far the best trip we have had so far. Really looking forward to next year and bringing 20 kids hopefully. Hopefully I will also be surfing and joining in more. As far as it goes I really can't think of any improvements. It was like a holiday for us.

Julian Lewis, Teacher, German Swiss International School

We had fantastic week in Bali, thanks to ISSC. From 14th June to 18th June, we had fascinating days with learning surfing. There weren’t much days but we used time efficiently and had fun. And the surfing sessions were amazing!!

Every morning, we had surfing sessions. Miss Lorraine taught us how to surf from the basics to intermediate skills. And in the sea, instructors coached us. They were really kind and passionate – they encouraged us every time and gave high-five when we rode an enormous wave (that feeling of euphoria!).

The hotel was few steps away from the beach, so we could go for surfing easily. And there was a pool, so we dove into the pool after surfing to wash ourselves from the sandy and salty sea water. The rooms were cozy and restaurant was great and most importantly, the food was delicious!

Thanks to Miss Lorraine for arranging the transportation for us. We went around the city and we bought some souvenirs. People in Bali are really friendly and got a great smile, which makes you feel cheered up. We had a great time negotiating the price of the products and drinking smoothies in a café. We might forget what we saw with our eyes but we won’t forget what we felt with our heart.

Lastly, we send our massive thanks once again to the instructors and Miss Lorraine. They taught surfing to us really well. We couldn’t have stood up on the surfing board without them. And mostly, we feel enormous thanks to Miss Lorraine. She has planned the schedules very well and they were amazing! The time flew so fast and every single minute were worth it. If I can, I will go to Bali again.

Justin & Jing Jang, Regents international School Pattaya

This week we had an amazing time at International schools surf camp. First of all the lesson helped you learn to surf very easily they help you get on the board and help you get a wave. The Instructors will give you a good laugh and also teach or tell you what to do to be able to surf and stay up on the bigger waves. If you wipe out it will be a hurtful your side and help you if you are hurt.

The hotel was really nice and really close to where you surf and the beach. The hotel is very clean and has really nice breakfast and dinner. Also if you buy a drink or two at the hotel it is a fair price, the best part of it all is that you do not have to walk a long time with your surfboard. Inside your hotel you meet with the instructors and then you get your surfboard and take a couple of steps and you’re at the beach.

Our Surf Instructor Lorraine was an amazing surfer and really funny and I probably wouldn’t have the surf skills that I have today without Lorraine. By the way don’t call Lorraine miss she hates it more than anything, not that I know from experience or anything. At the end of our second to last surf session we had and award ceremony and it was really fun with loads of prizes to be given out. The prizes were best male, female also Best ride, Most improves and Best wipeout.

Thank you so much Lorraine and International schools surf camp.

Jack & Tyler, Regents International School Pattaya

Nothings better than a friendly and warm welcoming smile to start a trip off. Mrs. Lorraine greeted with an open hand and a huge smile. This really helped since we have been up since 1 o’clock in the morning. Once we got there we went straight to surfing. We met our instructors who had warm faces and ready to teach smiles. It’s definitely hard to teach people who have pretty much never surfed before. The instructors were calm when we failed and became our instant friends. Having helpful and fun instructors made surfing a breeze.

Every day was the same after that; friendly faces, cold seas, big waves and surfboards. Surfing was hard but after the first day of being taught by the International Schools Surf Camp everyone in our little group of 16 people got up. We really looked like professionals, all wearing quicksilver red rash guards accommodated by the Surf Camp.

Everything we did was helped by Mrs. Lorraine, our hotel, anything we needed she would get it for us, she would make sure we had sun cream and water all the time, she was a huge help to make this trip how wonderful it was. But we all have to say goodbye in the end. Or at least until we came back cause we definitely will. But it ended fantastically; Mrs. Lorraine handed out awards for the best male and female plus best wipeout, longest ride and most improved. The trip was amazing and especially with the International Schools Surf Camp help. Thank you very much.

Andrew & Yuki, Regents International School Pattaya

The Bali trip was amazing, all because of International Schools Surf Camp. During the surf sessions, we learnt all the basics of surfing and more. With this experience, I think everyone that was on the trip were able to surf on their own without any of the instructors’ help. The instructors were very cool and very motivated. They put a lot of effort into teaching us how to surf and the instructions were easy to understand. After a brilliant 5 days of surfing, I think I would like to come back to Bali and surf again.

The hotel was great, I really enjoyed staying there and the location was perfect, as it was located right next to the beach. The beds in the rooms were very comfy and the food that they provided us was really good.

I enjoyed every part of the trip, the coaches were really chilled and weren’t getting frustrated after loads of failing, and instead they encourage us to do better. All these amazing experiences and memories I’ve had and shared was all because of Lorraine. Thank you so much for this amazing time.

Mary, Renaissance College Hong Kong

With the International Schools Surf Camp, my first experience was amazing. I had gone with my entire year group, so of course anything would be fun! The surf instructors are just so laid back, however they strike the balance with some hard-core encouragement. After my first trip, I decided to come back less than a month later – really shows I enjoyed it! When I saw the surf instructors again, I greeted them with all the inside jokes we had formed. As for my surfing skills, I must say that they did improve within that month and it’s all thanks to International Schools Surf Camp – and Mr. Kuit, of course!

Nicola, British School Manila

The beauty of La Union does not lie only in the surfing – when you participate in the International Schools Surf Camp, expect the whole package; This is what drew us back there: the simplicity of the crashing waves and friendly smiles that this town entails. The instructors running the courses became immediate friends and every successful wave caught was a success shared and felt by all. Every morning began with a surfing session, with the waves progressively increasing in size every day. Green zinc on our faces and rash tops at the ready, we dove into the oceans, ready to paddle…paddle…paddle – and then the moment you catch that perfect, curling wave; when you slide down and feel that burst of ecstasy; this is surfing. You know you have found the magnificence behind it all. The surf camp was an unforgettable experience, not only teaching us of the love behind surfing, but the importance of keeping the environment around us clean as the whole town collaborates in a weekly beach clean. La Union is in its entirety, one of the most amazing places in the Philippines – a definite surfers’ paradise!

Erin, British School Manila

I had so much fun on this trip! The accomodation was stunning, as I was lucky enough to be able to stay in the President Suite. I loved waking up everyday to a magnificent view of the ocean right outside my window! Of course, the surfing was incredibly enjoyable, not only because of the quality of the waves, but the quality of the instructors. I found myself laughing with them, as well as learning! I would definitely recommend this Surf Camp to all of my friends, and I wouldn't be surprised if I booked another trip up to La Union soon!

Helen, British School Manila

International Schools Surf Camp was a great experience for me. Everyone had a great attitude and the instructors were really the best, always helpful, patient and just great at what they do. At the start of the trip I had little experience with surfing, I was always too lazy or tired to paddle back after catching a wave, but towards the end of the trip the instructors inspired me to try harder. In fact, the experience was so great that I felt like a professional by the end of it! The International Schools most memorable experiences I've had!

Mark, Jerudong International School Brunei
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