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Green Camp

Join us for a green experience of a lifetime! GreenCamp Bali is built on four pillars: sustainability, leadership, experiential education and cultural appreciation.

GreenCamp is set adjacent to one of the world-renowned Green School campus in Bali, Indonesia, GreenCamp is symbiotically connected to the mission and vision of the Green School. Participants will gain tangible inspiration on how to live more environmentally sustainable lives. They will experience the beautiful and enchanting culture of Bali and enjoy the natural beauty that has made Bali one of the top destinations for discerning travelers.

GreenCamp offers both day and overnight programs year-round for children ages 6 - 16 years old with each camp specially designed for specific age groups to ensure all the kids that join have an experience purposefully tailored to them. Families and children who choose our multi-day programs will enjoy our Yurt Village, eco-rustic bamboo homes set in the breathtaking jungle of Bali, adjacent to the world famous Green School. They will dine on traditional Balinese fare prepared on-site by our local chefs. Children will participate in challenge-based progressive and creative outdoor learning adventure, with a focus on exploration into the biodiversity found at GreenCamp.

The chance to come experience one of the most innovative learning environments in the world, and have fun making a positive real-world difference, is not to be missed!

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